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High Speed Door

Classic Design
1. Internal door designed for safe and continuous operation.
2. Galvanised Steel structure as standard, Aluminium or Stainless Steel matt finish structure which integrates traction unit, rapid wirings and safety photocells.
3. Flexible curtain in self-extinguishing material complete with anodised Aluminium extrusions for holding the interchangeable sections.
4. Modular sections allow easy arrangement of differently coloured and transparent panels, as well as replacement in case of accidental damage.
5. Integrated motorisation for very heavy duty use: 400V three phase, opening speed upto 2.0 m/s with inverter system.
6. IP 65 electronic panel complete with open - close - emergency stop push button unit and self-test function.
7. Resistance to wind load according to EN 12424 Class 2.
8. Size upto: 6000 mm (W) x 6000 mm (H).
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