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Honeycomb Bright Steel Bar

Honeycomb Bright Steel Bar Rolling Grills

  1. Honeycomb design of Rolling Grills provides attractive yet functional means to secure areas where public access must be restricted.
  2. Rolling Grills provide optimal protection without sacrificing air circulation or light infiltration.
  3. Honeycomb Rolling Grills constructed of Bright Steel Bar are attractively patterned and are ideal for display windows of showrooms, shopping malls and perfectly match with any building's architecture and interior space.
  4. Operational noise and wear of grills are significantly reduced as galvanised side guides with integrated seals provide optimal sealing.
  5. Bend-resistant double-skinned extruded Aluminium profile for additional strength. The bottom rail is fitted with extruded rubber bottom seal that will seal against the floor when the door is fully closed.

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