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Fabric Hoist Up Hangar Doors

Fabric Hoist Up Hangar Doors:
  1. Electrically operated Fabric Hoist up Doors are spe- cially designed for sites that faces challenge on providing space on sides for installing Sliding Hangar Door
  2. Fabric Hoist up Door obviates the need for heavy foundation under the door for bottom tracks
  3. The door moves up and down in an aluminium guide with brush seals. It operates by lifting the bottom section upwards and stacking the intermediate sections on top of the other
  4. The fabric curtain is folded on both sides of the door into pleats
  5. Fabric Hoist up Door is suitable for environments with extreme wind conditions
  6. The horizontal section transfers the wind load to the vertical guides that are attached to the structure of the building
  7. The safety features provide 100% security in opening the doors.
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