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High Speed Doors Prime Metallic(Rapid & Versatile)

  1. Ideal for high security applications where speed is important, traffic is frequent and door safety concerns are paramount.
  2. Distinguished as extremely fast, durable, safe and low maintenance high performance door.
  3. The fast opening speed and its compact size make it possible to optimise the flow of people, trolleys and vehicles.
  4. Door panels are made from anodized double- skinned Aluminium alloy with rockwool insulation.
  5. Transparent vision panels are available optionally increases visibility and light penetration into the working environment.
  6. The Aluminium door panel slats roll up on winding shaft without contact and makes it possible to reduce vibration, noise and wear maintenance to minimum.
  7. In case of accidental impact, it is only necessary to replace the damaged slats, thereby reducing the cost.
  8. Heavy duty motor: 400V three phase, opening speed upto 2.5 m/s.
  9. Size upto: 5000 mm (W) x 5000 mm (H).

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