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Isotherm Rolling Shutters

  1. Isotherm Rolling Shutters are designed for a variety of industrial, warehouse, loading bays & commercial uses.
  2. The shutters can be custom made to fit large openings and are ideal for situations where security is required.
  3. Rolling Shutters with galvanised double-skinned PUF insulated profiles give aesthetically pleasing appearance, ensure good thermal and acoustic insulation with energy efficiency and durability.
  4. Isotherm Rolling Shutters can be fabricated with Isotherm vista profiles made of Plexi glass double glazing window for visibility.
  5. The curtain is guided vertically by roll formed Galvanised Steel guides mounted on each side of the Rolling Shutter. The special shaped 'Omega' guides with integrated rubber and brush seals prevent metal-to-metal contact, ensures quiet shutter operation and also provide effective sealing.
  6. Bend-resistant double-skinned extruded Aluminium profile for additional strength. The bottom rail is fitted with extruded rubber bottom seal that will seal against the floor when the door is fully closed.

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