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Fire Rated Rolling Shutters

(American (UL / FM) and British Standards)

  1. Fire Rated Rolling Shutters are rated physical fire barriers that protect wall openings from the spread of fire and are designed to close automatically in the event of fire or an alarmed event. Automatic closure will be thermally controlled by means of fusible link.
  2. Fire Rated Rolling Shutters with upto 4 hours BS 476: Part 22: 1987 standard certified by Exova Warringtonfire, (UK) Pty Ltd.
  3. Alternately Fire Rated Shutters tested and certified to American Standards for upto 4 hours UL/FM label are also available.
  4. Application includes industrial, commercial, institutional and retail projects where fire protection is required.
  5. Constructed of Galvanised Steel or Stainless Steel in a variety of gauges, profile designs and finishes for unsurpassed strength, durability and style.
  6. Automatic closing of the shutter in the event of fire detection by means of fusible link activated at 74°C.
  7. The operating system can be directly wired for activa- tion by fire alarm systems or smoke detectors.
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