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High Speed Doors(Prime Conveyor)

  1. Specially developed to work in combination with the conveyor system for continuous opera- tion.
  2. Installed between operating sections and storage areas within the conveyor system, helps to save energy and reduce draughts and noise level.
  3. Galvanised Steel structure as standard, Aluminium or Stainless Steel structure which integrates traction unit and rapid wirings.
  4. Flexible curtain in self-extinguishing material complete with anodised Aluminium extrusions for holding the interchangeable sections.
  5. Modular sections permit easy replacement in case of accidental damage.
  6. Heavy duty motor: 400V three phase, opening speed upto 2.0 m/s with inverter system.
  7. Advance control device, with option of integra- tion with PLC system.
  8. Size upto: 4000 mm (W) x 4000 mm (H).
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