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Sectional Overhead Doors (Porto)

  1. Porto doors are built to ensure the highest ease and flexibility of use, which also allows quick, hassle free and accurate replacement of old doors.
  2. Porto door design is optimal who need robust, well-insulated and space saving door in compliance with safety requirements.
  3. The Panels are sturdy and consist of double- skinned pre-painted Galvanized Steel, thickness 40 mm. The door panels are available in two heights 500 mm and 610 mm. They are connected with each other by Galvanised Steel hinges. This guarantees safety and durability.
  4. The core insulated with high-density (45 kg/m3), CFC-free polyurethane foam offers high protection from outside temperatures and soundproofing.
  5. Reliable, safe, easy and low noise operation.

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